Ronnie jensen rime dustjacket illustration
Ronnie jensen rime dustjacket sprex

Dustjacket mockup

Ronnie jensen rime endpaper illustration

Back on Earth, thousands of years from now.

Ronnie jensen rime endpaper mockup

Endpaper mockup

Ronnie jensen rime dustjacket wrapped

Wrapped up

"Tim is very happy with the way everything looks" - PS Publishing

That comment just made my day!

Just got a thumbs up from PS Publishing and Tim Lebbon on the dust jacket and endpaper for RIME, Tim's short sci-fi story I mentioned in the last blog post. I will touch up on a few details before shipping away the finalized artwork.

Typography and layout will be changed by the publisher. I mocked it up to decide on the composition of the artwork. They will be publishing 100 signed and 300 unsigned editions for a convention in October.