Dust jacket and endpaper for Tim Lebbon's RIME.

Making Of / 15 August 2018

I'm currently working on artwork for a book called RIME by Tim Lebbon. A short sci-fi story based on "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". I was asked if I could be interested in illustrating both the dust jacket and the endpaper. I made several proposals/drafts.

Here are a few ideas for the endpaper (book mockups):

1. ) A big part of the story unfolds in a utopia on future Earth thousands of years from now. Rivers, towers, settlers on shore, flying vessels etc. I made this rough concept to pitch an idea and mood.

2. ) Another idea was to visualize the spaceship where the main story takes place. Far out in deep space somewhere the ship encounter living entities.

3. ) The same idea as above trying to show the spaceship (a very large generation vessel) against the pitch black starless space. Light emitting beings approaching.

In the next post, I'll showcase a few ideas for the dust jacket with some placeholder typography and other objects.